Safe and direct delivery to your recipient

In Contino’s world, safe and direct delivery to your recipient means that we always deliver door-to-door, without transshipment. And always on time!

This is how we ensure that your consignment will arrive safely and undamaged.

Your consignments deserve to be handled with care

Many of the goods we transport have a shape or packaging that makes door-to-door delivery the best option.

For this reason, we have made an active choice not to work with external distribution centres where your consignments are reloaded onto other vehicles to be sent on the remainder of their journey.

In our world, transport and logistics are all about safety. And trust. Whether you have a full load or several part loads, you can always have your goods delivered door-to-door.

Our safe and direct delivery means you’re in safe hands

Our customers benefit from the size of our company because our large fleet of HGVs, trailers and drivers provide scope for flexibility.

We continually monitor the traffic situation, allowing us to be proactive. Our satellite surveillance ensures that all vehicles can be tracked to an accuracy of 30 seconds. This means that we are usually able to resolve any unforeseen challenges without affecting the delivery deadline.

We use HGVs with a crew of two for time-critical consignments, making our deliveries so precise that we can ensure your consignments arrive either at a specific time or in time to be included in another delivery!

We can also be flexible if you receive sudden changes to your consignment while we’re on the road. We never refuse to help – and because we have short lines of communication, we can react instantly and explain the best possible way to resolve the situation.

You’re welcome to contact us for more information about what we do to ensure that your consignments arrive safely. Door-to-door and with no transshipment.