Your loads are in good hands in our trailers

It is vital to Contino that your loads do not sustain damage while on the road.

For this reason, all of our trailers comply with Code XL load security regulations, which means that your consignments are just as secure as if they were in a sealed box.

Regardless of the type of trailer we use, all of our drivers are trained to secure your load in the best possible way. We have a variety of trailers and we select the type most suited for your cargo and needs.

Learn more about our trailers below:

Trailer with hydraulic tail lift

A trailer with a fold-away tail lift enables us to deliver your consignment directly to your recipient even if they don’t have a ramp. Our fold-away tail lift is tucked under the trailer and is activated when the goods need to be lowered for delivery, e.g. directly to furniture stores or wood-burning stove dealers.

Curtainsider with Code XL load security. Save time – don’t save on security!

Contino has invested in a number of curtainsiders with reinforced sides, front wall and roof. This means that your consignments are almost in a sealed box during transport. Safe and sound.

Code XL load security has been called the solution of tomorrow, not only because it is safe but also because it makes transport more efficient. It is much simpler and, therefore, saves time.

All of our trailers are equipped with curtain sides, reinforced with steel mesh. This makes the sides of the trailer more difficult to break into when the driver is taking a mandatory rest break. We have chosen to use reinforced steel mesh to take the best possible care of your consignments and to ensure that our drivers sleep safely and soundly to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.

Lifting-roof trailers

If the height of your load requires extra space, we have a number of trailers with lifting roofs.

This means that we can adapt to your load.

We can also arrange for different trailer types if you have loads requiring special handling.

Want more details about how we transport your goods in our trailers? Or do you have special requirements?