Contino SOLUTIONS – Your specialist in container loading, courier driving and much more

At Contino SOLUTIONS, we specialize in everything that is not directly related to Contino’s own fleet of trucks.

Container loading

Our container service is based on that we either receive or pick up goods for Danish and European exporters to our warehouse in Padborg. Here, the consignments are consolidated and packed in containers so that they can be sent by sea to various destinations in the world.

We check that the goods have the right packaging for sea freight, just as we do surveying, photo documentation of goods and the actual reading.

We also have extensive experience in unloading import containers – including sorting cartons by article number, colors, sizes and more. In short – we pack and deliver according to the customer’s wishes.

Courier service

Our purpose is to provide the best transport solutions to our customers – even when it has to go extra fast.

With a solution-oriented approach and a strong partner network, we solve even the most challenging tasks – quickly, efficiently and at the right price.

Whether it is national or international transport, including cross-trade, we are ready with the right solution.

Our network has sprinter vans with a capacity of up to 10 EUR pallets with a maximum height of 2.2 meters and a load capacity of 1000 kilos, with the exception of a few countries where the freight weight may only be 900 kilos.