Contino DEUTSCHLAND | Your transport and logistics partner in Germany

At Contino DEUTSCHLAND, we help our many northern German customers with logistics from our office in Harrislee.

Like our other Contino offices, Contino DEUTSCHLAND works hard every day to give all of our customers excellent service.

Our business is built on a foundation of traditional virtues, including good service, trust, quality, confidentiality and respect. Respect for our customers, our staff and the environment.

The best thing we can do to make our transport greener is to have a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet – and we have!

At the beginning of 2021, we invested in 50 LNG-powered HGVs, making our transport much more sustainable by reducing emissions of harmful pollutants.

Our capacity ensures the most flexible transport!

When it comes to logistics and transport, we can handle just about anything, from full loads and part loads to unit loads.

The fact that we own all of the vehicles in our fleet ourselves gives us flexibility and enables us to provide whatever transport you need.

And time-critical consignments, in particular, are one of our specialities.

You’re welcome to contact us for more information – from how we handle individual consignments to the benefits of a standing transport agreement.