We monitor our vehicles and track your load all the way to your recipient

Contino has more than 300 state-of-the-art HGVs available every day for safe and precise delivery of your consignments.

All of our vehicles are equipped with a fleet management system that enables our dispatchers to follow each vehicle closely and quickly recalculate a route if there are any traffic-related problems on their way.

Safely and efficiently.

So, we always keep a sharp eye on the loads you choose to entrust to us.

50 new LNG-powered HGVs reduce emissions of harmful pollutants!

The size of our vehicle fleet and the fact that we own all of the vehicles ourselves means we have the flexibility to provide whatever transport you need.

It also allows us to “think green” and provide you with sustainable transport.

And our regard for the environment is clearly reflected in the choices we make: in the vehicles we purchase and in the technology we select.

There are currently 50 LNG-powered HGVs in our vehicle fleet.

This investment opens up new opportunities for making our transport much more sustainable by reducing emissions of harmful pollutants.

If you would like to hear more about our vehicles, just give us a call!