Safety is a must! And your loads deserve belt-and-braces treatment

We never compromise on safety. Not when it comes to your loads, and neither when it comes to our vehicles and our drivers.

All of our drivers receive continual, on-the-job training in road safety, and all of our vehicles are equipped with technology that registers whether the driver is keeping to the speed limits and complying with driving and rest break regulations.

State-of-the-art vehicles and equipment promote safety

Your consignments are our responsibility. It is a top priority to provide innovative and future-proof road transport in the newest HGVs, reducing the risk of breakdown, injury to our drivers and damage to cargo and surroundings.

Safety is a must – and we regularly invest in state-of-the-art equipment to promote safety.

Among other things, all of our vehicles have adaptive cruise control (ACC) – and they had this feature long before it became a legal requirement. This simple safety feature can have prevented countless serious accidents.

To improve safety, we perform spot checks of our vehicle fleet and the work of our drivers. And we keep statistics of all journeys and the results of our internal inspections.

If we note any non-conformance, we take immediate corrective action.