Future-proof and innovative road transport

We always take the lead! Particularly when it comes to ensuring the most sustainable transport in the newest vehicles. (Link til Ansvar for vores miljø)

We do this for your sake. For the sake of the environment. And not least for the sake of our drivers.

Your consignments are our responsibility. As is the safety of our drivers. We therefore make it a top priority to provide innovative and future-proof road transport in the newest vehicles, reducing the risk of breakdown and damage to both our cargo and the surroundings.

We care passionately about road transport! So passionately that we work hard every single day to maintain our status as specialists in international transport and logistics, focusing on:

  • Contract transport
  • Large-scale projects
  • Time-critical transport
  • Trade fair transportation
  • Furniture removal
  • Warehouse and logistics solutions
  • Door-to-door delivery.

Time-critical transport: When the deadline is crucial!

It’s rarely a problem to transport goods from A to B. On the other hand, it can be challenging to deliver so precisely that consignments arrive at a specific time or in time to be included in another delivery.

Good planning is crucial in such situations!

Your consignments are our responsibility. If goods need to be at a delivery point at a specific time, we do what it takes to meet the deadline.

What’s more, we have designed a procedure that optimises our time while we look after everything on board, establishing a rhythm that meets all your distribution needs.

We always have 25 HGVs available for time-critical consignments to and from abroad, all with two drivers on board. The two drivers take it in turns behind the wheel.

You’re welcome to contact us for further details about how our solutions work for you!