Environment | Our aim is to make our transport much more sustainable by reducing emissions of harmful pollutants

Contino vehicles drive thousands of kilometres on the Danish and European roads every single day.

We therefore share a responsibility to optimise transport and make it more sustainable.

Contino is more than just a green logo – looking after our environment is a top priority.

Sustainable transport | 50 new HGVs run on liquid natural gas!

Our regard for the environment is clearly reflected in the choices we make. It is VITAL to us to take the lead! Both in the vehicles we purchase and in the technology we select.

This means that our fleet currently includes 50 new HGVs, all running on liquid natural gas (LNG). This new fuel is one of the most environmentally sustainable, and it underlines our ambition to promote sustainable transport.

At the same time, it is important to stress that all of our other Contino HGVs are also equipped with eco-friendly technology that fully complies with the most stringent EU standards. So, we pollute as little as possible while reducing our fuel costs.

Training in environmental issues, testing and optimisation are a high priority

Contino owns its entire vehicle fleet. This is a top priority, and it means we are able to test and optimise initiatives that benefit both the environment and our operating efficiency.

Our technical department tests tyre types, tyre pressure and fuel consumption, and our drivers receive regular training in eco-friendly, safe driving behaviour.

The aim of all of this is to reduce our fuel consumption and emissions of harmful pollutants.

You’re welcome to contact us for further details about how we ensure green transport of your consignments!