It all began with oranges…

In 1982, the very first sun-yellow HGVs with the green Contino logo rolled out onto the motorways, heading for Israel to collect Christmas clementines for Scandinavians.

As a matter of fact, shipping and transport of fruit and the transport of building materials formed the foundation on which Contino was built. And, today, it is these two types of cargo that are reflected in the colours of our logo:

Yellow like fruit. Green like trees.

Contino | Our care strengthens your image

Contino was originally established with a view to haulage in Scandinavia. However, today, we travel throughout most of Europe, with road transport to and from Germany, southern Europe and Benelux as our primary focus.

And we care passionately about doing a good job for you! Road transport is a lifestyle, and we take each and every job seriously:

  • This is why Contino is constantly developing ways to promote sustainable transport
  • And this is why we always deliver your consignments at the agreed time – door-to-door and with no transshipment.

We have expanded our business over time, with acquisitions of major haulage firms. Our aim is to strengthen our network to make it easier for us to adapt quickly and develop additional routes, regardless of how suddenly the need may arise.

This is all to ensure that we give you the very best service and flexibility. And because we know that efficient transport boosts your business and your image.

Door-to-door delivery without transshipment and steady focus on sustainable transport

Today, our trailers still bulge with wood in the form of furniture and timber for DIY centres; with wood-burning stoves and industrial goods. And you will see our yellow and green HGVs driving thousands of kilometres on the Danish and European roads every single day.

We therefore have a great responsibility to do everything we can to optimise transport and make it more sustainable.

Since regard for the environment is one of our top priorities, we have worked long and hard to reduce our carbon footprint by promoting sustainable transport.

In order to live up to our promise of door-to-door delivery without transshipment, we need to be able to drive into Europe’s cities. It is therefore essential that we minimise the emission of harmful pollutants by our vehicles.

To meet this requirement, we now have 50 new HGVs in our fleet, all running on one of the purest types of fuel: liquid natural gas.

We look forward to giving you more details!

A Contino timeline

1982The company is founded.
1984We invest in the first HGV.
1988We expand our business from purely Scandinavian haulage to include transport to and from the rest of Europe.
1991One of the company’s three founders, Ib Rossen Nissen, becomes Contino’s sole shareholder and establishes headquarters in Padborg.
2000The new Padborg headquarters are opened.
2000We build our own fuelling facility, for our own use and the use of others.
2005Acquisition of haulier THM Kolding.
2010Acquisition of TLT – Toftlund Logistik & Transport.
2017Niels Pagh Logistics joins the Contino group. The company specialises in transport to and from Spain and Portugal.
2021Increased focus on sustainability results in investment in 50 LNG-powered HGVs.