Our own warehouse and our own vehicles

When we send consignments, we make sure to schedule trips that give you the most transport for your money.

Our optimisation benefits your finances and, not least, the environment, because we never send half-full vehicles across Europe.

Our 9,000 sq m warehouse ensures the ideal transport solution

At Contino, we prepare your consignment in our own warehouse.

We reload our vehicles here ourselves. Your consignments are therefore stored in our warehouse until they are ready for delivery. This is the only time your goods will be reloaded while in Contino’s hands. And they will only be handled by Contino staff.

When your consignments leave our terminal in Padborg, they are delivered directly to your recipient, without transshipment.

Want to learn more about how to get the most transport for your money?

Our knowledge of the industry means that your consignments are in the best hands!

We combine small loads from different customers in the same industry – e.g. in the furniture industry – in our frost-proof premises and then prepare the consignment for shipment.

And this is where our staff’s knowledge of your industry really makes a difference!

Over the years, we have built up great expertise in furniture distribution. We know our cargo and we know that furniture needs to be handled with extreme care. This means that our warehouse staff are very conscious of the best way to handle this type of cargo.

Thanks to our knowledge of the business, both freight forwarders and drivers are familiar with the conditions at the locations of both load collection and delivery. They know exactly when we can deliver your consignment and how.

They also know when to use one of our many tail-lift trailers to deliver to a recipient that does not have a ramp at their storage facility – for instance, when delivering to furniture stores.

”We have high-bay warehouses in both Padborg and Toftlund – a total of 9,000 sq m where we optimise the further shipment of your load. In short, our storage facilities ensure that we can give you the best transport solution: delivering directly to your recipient.