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Transports everything in industrial goods.
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Eksportvej 3
DK-6330 Padborg
Phone: (+45) 7367 2430
Fax: (+45) 7367 2439

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Am Oxer 28B
D-24955 Harrislee
Phone: (+49) 461 9001512
Fax: (+49) 461 9001526

9000 square metres at your disposal

Contino Group has high-rise warehouses in both Padborg and Toftlund, providing a total of 9000 square metres of space. As a result, we are able to offer customers excellent warehousing facilities for the frost-free storage of dry cargo. Our warehouses have dust-free floors and feature anti-theft protection, state-of-the-art reloading ramps at loading height and dock shelters with lift ramps. We do all we can to make sure your goods are in the best hands.


We are happy to adapt our services if you have any particular warehousing requirements. Please contact our Managing Director, Peter Frost Rasmussen, to discuss your needs. 


Contino offers the following warehousing solutions:

• Storage
• Handling
• Distribution at home and abroad
• Labelling/picking

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Industrivej 32 - Postboks 239 - DK-6330 Padborg - Phone: +45 7467 0188 - Fax: +45 7467 0141 - contino@contino.dk