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We keep an eye on all our vehicles

At Contino, we strive to replace our vehicles regularly so we can make use of the latest technological advances for the benefit of our customers. Our vehicles, for instance, are all fitted with a Comlog fleet management system which tracks every individual lorry by satellite with a maximum of half a minute's delay. That means we can keep a close eye on your goods and give you rapid feedback.


The use of the latest technology also benefits the environment.  All our fleet are already equipped with EEV engines (EEV = Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) which emit 33% fewer hazardous particles than stipulated by the most stringent environmental norms, and several of our older vehicles will be replaced by additional EEV vehicles over the coming years. 


Technical specifications:

Dimensions: L 13.60, W 2.45, H 2.70, total 90 m3
Pallet capacity: 34 pallets
Weight capacity: 25 tonnes

Industrivej 32 - Postboks 239 - DK-6330 Padborg - Phone: +45 7467 0188 - Fax: +45 7467 0141 - contino@contino.dk