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A belt and braces approach

We never compromise on safety – be it that of our equipment, our drivers or the customer’s goods. When you trust your goods to us, you can be sure they’re in the best possible hands.

All our drivers undergo traffic safety training, and their skills are regularly updated. All our vehicles are equipped with electronic tachographs to ensure that the drivers comply with speed limits, driving periods and rest hours.

In addition, we have invested in state-of-the art technology designed to enhance safety. Our trailers, for instance, are equipped with the so-called Code XL load securing system of the future. This enables goods to be secured without the use of tiedowns as if they were stored in a closed box.

In actual fact, we take safety so seriously that we have a member of staff employed solely to carry out spot checks on our drivers and vehicles, and we keep accurate statistics of all trips and the results of our own checks. Any breach of safety regulations entails immediate corrective measures.

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