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Transports everything in industrial goods.
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Contino Transport A/S is looking for hauliers/partners!

Padborg, July 2011


Contino Transport A / S is still in a very positive development, and is in a position where a we need to extend the existing fleet with reliable and talented hauliers/partners who also take pride in meeting deadlines, and other agreements.

Contino Transport A/S is a Danish company and with 29 years of experience has its core competence in international transport mainly in Northern Europe.
Contino Transport A/S operates its own haulage company and with more than 200 talented and skilled employees are able to meet customers' expectations for a partnership based on mutual trust.
Every day our yellow trucks are positioned many places in Europe, where our focus areas primarily are in Germany, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy. Our various departments each have their core competencies from international service of industrial goods, general cargo, furniture, contract run for the production company to warehousing, etc., in short, we have interest in everything that can be transported on an ordinary conventional truck.

We operate 180 own trailers, 150 own trucks and 8 Jumbo trucks guaranteeing customers the capacity and security, and furthermore want to assign subcontractors to deliver the same high quality as Contino Transport A/S delivers to our customers. Our equipment is modern (Euro 5 EEV), ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Our overall size allows us to lift more tasks in-house, and also means that we are able to give our customers an individual service.


If a partnership has your interest, we are also in a position to offer fuel cards on favorable terms, outlays for Maut, and further more would like to draw your attention to the sale of newer trucks on our website.

For further information please contact:

B. Steen Marcussen
Tel. +45 7367 2421
mail sbm@contino.dk



Best regards

René T. Schach

Department Manager



Industrivej 32

DK-6330 Padborg


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Industrivej 32 - Postboks 239 - DK-6330 Padborg - Phone: +45 7467 0188 - Fax: +45 7467 0141 - contino@contino.dk