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Experts in the transport of fragile and time-sensitive goods

Construction materials often constitute time-sensitive goods, while furniture requires careful loading and driving. We’re well aware of that here at Contino since we’re highly experienced in these two types of goods in particular. It was, in fact, the distribution of construction materials that formed the basis for Contino’s foundation in 1982.


Our delivery reliability and careful attention to detail are vital as experts in the door-to-door delivery and transport of fragile and time-sensitive goods. As such, we have invested in the most up-to-date fleet management system on the market, which provides constant monitoring of a vehicle's position and allows us to keep an eye on traffic at all times. This enables us to be proactive when it comes to any hurdles we may face, which in turn contributes to our 98% delivery rate.


We are happy to optimise and tailor our services in line with the requirements of our many loyal customers.  Once again, this is just another way of providing the best possible service.

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Industrivej 32 - Postboks 239 - DK-6330 Padborg - Phone: +45 7467 0188 - Fax: +45 7467 0141 - contino@contino.dk