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We keep our promises – on time

For Contino, a delivery means that goods are delivered safely at the agreed time and without any problems for the customer. When the aim is a delivery rate of 98% or more, all procedures must be fully optimised.

We keep a constant eye on traffic, and our ultra-modern satellite navigation system means that all vehicles can be traced to within 30 seconds. With the number of vehicles we have on the road, we can be proactive and often solve unforeseen problems without affecting a delivery deadline.

Many routes operate with teams of two drivers.

We always seek to avoid any unnecessary reloading of goods, and strive to make direct door-to-door deliveries. We can also bring along our own forklift truck and unload goods on behalf of customers if required.

Our flexibility also applies when customers suddenly find their requirements have changed. We are always happy to help, and since our communication routes are extremely short, we can react almost immediately and find a suitable solution to any situation that may have arisen.

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Industrivej 32 - Postboks 239 - DK-6330 Padborg - Phone: +45 7467 0188 - Fax: +45 7467 0141 - contino@contino.dk